150-watt, 10” (250mm) three-way control monitor that brings studio-quality sound to your home


150-watt, three-way, high-precision control monitor loudspeaker.

The JBL® 4307, a home version of the monitor loudspeakers favored by recording studios, is compact yet powerful. This full-range, three-way speaker is small – just 21-1/2 inches (545 millimeters) high, 12-7/8 inches (328 millimeters) wide and 11-3/4 inches (300 millimeters) deep, and weighing just 36.8 pounds (16.7 kilograms) – but it re-creates music with the power, dynamics and accuracy that the JBL brand has delivered to audio virtuosos for over 50 years. The system’s 1-1/2-inch (38-millimeter) tweeter features a tangential ring diaphragm mounted on a cast-aluminum horn for reproduction of accurate high frequencies up to 45kHz. A 5-inch (125-millimeter), polymer-coated, pure-pulp midrange speaker delivers dynamic performance in reproducing the human voice, even at high playback volumes. And a pure-pulp, 10-inch (250-millimeter) cone woofer offers natural-sounding, undistorted low tones. Built-in level 1.5kHz and 6.5kHz attenuators let you to adjust the midrange and high-frequency performance to match your personal tastes. The recommended amplifier power is 150 watts, with a resultant frequency response of 45Hz – 45kHz (–6 decibels) and sensitivity (at 2.83 volts / 1 meter) of 91 decibels. And with a walnut-lacquer finish and blue grille, the 4307 looks as great as it sounds.

Item# 000000000000004307

General Specifications

Finish Cherry
Type Bookshelf Speakers

Audio Specifications

Frequency Response 45 Hz - 45 kHz
Maximum Recommended Amplifier Power 150 W
Crossover Frequencies 1.5kHz/6.5kHz
Sensitivity 91 dB(2.83 V/1 m)

Speaker Specifications

Midrange Transducer 125 mm pure pulp cone midrange
High-Frequncy Transducer 38 mm pure titanium dome tweeter
Low-Frequency Transducer 250 mm pure pulp white cone woofer


Height (mm) 328
Weight (kg) 16.6 kg
Width (mm) 545
Depth (mm) 300

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